About Us


Wall-Ties & Forms, Inc, (WTF) 

Is one of the most important producers of aluminum concrete forms and is the leading company in the design and manufacture of aluminum form systems. More than 45 years ago, WTF started with the production of thousands of separators (ties). Today it produces and ships over 30 million of them and over 100,000 aluminum form panels per year. In 1976, OrvalEngelken and Ross Worley, already coming from a long and successful career, one as a national sales manager, and the other as a product designer and manufacturing expert, decided to join forces to create WTF based on three basic principles that are still in place today:


Design and produce a form system aimed at making the work easier for and satisfying the needs of the user-builder and not just those of the form manufacturer, using the best quality material with the most advanced production technology.

Offer the best technical training service, logistics support, and supervision that guarantees the most efficient use of the system with the best possible result for the user.

Provide all of this at a competitive price.